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Best Bedtime Stories

Apr 19, 2018 12:00 AM

We live in a world of technology, and although it's supposed to make life easier and less chaotic, somehow every day is hectic and has its own set of challenges. An excellent time for you and your children to unwind is bedtime. After a fun playtime in the tub, one of the best ways to connect with your kids is to read them a bedtime story. And better yet, a bedtime story that's both fun and educational. But don't tell your kids about the educational part.

Reading to your children not only teaches them reading readiness and literary basics, but it's a meaningful and memorable way to reconnect with your kids after a busy day. This time can also be used as a one-on-one time, and you and your youngster can talk about the story. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know your kids on a deeper level.

You may want to consider asking questions about the story if your kids are in preschool. For example, you may want to ask how they would feel about something that happened in the story. Or, you may choose to read a chapter book if your children are in elementary school. Maybe your child can create a hypothesis about the ending or Think of how to solve a problem that the main character is facing. These kinds of books would be a great way to help your child develop problem-solving, and logic skills. Most of all, it's essential for them to know that there's no right or wrong answer. The point is to lavish love and security on them and encourage the bond that you have with your kids. For more information on the benefits of reading bedtime stories, visit

Need suggestions for entertaining and educational science books to read at bedtime? is a great website that will not only provide great books, but they also review the literature for you and rate the books accordingly.

Some of their top pics are:

· Beauty and the Beak: How Science, Technology, and a 3D-Printed Beak Rescued a Bald Eagle (7+ years old) – This is a story about an eagle named Beauty who has a hurt beak. The biologist and engineer in the story collaborate to create a new beak for Beauty. This story is terrific for kids who are interested in animals and technology. The book uses science terms that will reinforce, as well as expand your children's science vocabulary and language skills.

· Our Earth (4+ years old) – This is an excellent book for preschool children and presents a summary of our unique planet, Earth. The illustrations are in beautiful watercolors that feature beautiful landscapes, volcanoes, forests, and an array of animals like monkeys. The pictures will capture your children’s attention, as well as yours. The story in general but can serve as an excellent starter for more meaningful conversations about taking care of the Earth and recycling.

· Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor (8+-year-old) – This is the first book in the series, Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor and is an illustrated chapter book for elementary school-aged children. The series touches on the basics, and then some, on life, matter, and the universe. Frank, the main character, is friendly, flexible, and respectful to his elders. This first story teaches about Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. Of course, Frank hits some trouble, but he learns how to overcome them with the help of others.

All of these books weave the STEM curriculum, in addition to bringing literacy to your youngsters, into their storylines. So, go ahead and bring science to life for your children while you settle in for the evening and spend quality time reading a bedtime story together.

Are your children interested in science? Do they excel in math or show signs that they are interested in technology? Why not schedule their next birthday party with us at Mad Science or enroll your kids in one of our summer camps? For more information on these, check out our science camps!

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