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The Science Of Snow

Jan 24, 2019 12:00 AM

Whether you love snow hiding from incoming snowballs or hiding behind a window with a hot chocolate in hand, we can all agree that snow is pretty amazing. Falling snow is one of mother nature’s natural events that also gets scientists excited. Here are some cool facts about snow that will amaze you!

1. Snow Is Not White

Believe it or not – but snow is not actually white. Just like the ocean isn’t really blue, snow leads us to believe it is a color that it is not. This is because there are so many different surfaces on one snowflake that no light wavelength can be absorbed. Instead, they reflect the light wavelengths and trick us into thinking they are white.

2. But It Is Sometimes Blue And Pink

However, when the snow has fallen onto the ground and accumulated over time, it becomes deeper. As the snow gets deeper, it is able to absorb light wavelengths unlike when it was just a snowflake. The result is that some deeper snow can appear blue and in slightly more rare occasions, it can even appear pink! Now, there is no need to go rewriting your favorite Christmas Carols though. “Have a blue and pink Christmas” is not as catchy.

3. It Was Made Illegal

Although less scientific, but certainly much more humorous, is the fact that one US place tried to make snow Illegal. No need to rub your eyes – you read that right. In 1992, Syracuse in New York made falling snow illegal before Christmas that year. Of course, mother nature decided to snow just two days after the decree was passed. How criminal!

4. Snowflakes Can Be The Same

If you have ever heard that no two snowflakes can be exactly the same, then this has now been scientifically proven to be a lie. Scientists studying snow in Wisconsin found two snowflakes exactly the same during a snow storm!

5. The US Is Home To Some Snow-Related Records

The US may be home to the most inconceivable plan to ban snow by making it illegal, but it is also home to some impressive snow-related records. The record for the most simultaneous snow angels in one location occurred in North Dakota back in 2013. Almost 9000 people teamed up to make it happen. Meanwhile, North Seattle are title holders for the world’s largest snowball fight with 5834 people joining the fun.

6. Igloos Can Be 100-degrees Warmer Than Outside

Compacted snow consists of around 90% trapped air. Because air is not an efficient conductor of heat, this makes snow an excellent insulator. This is also the reason people build Igloos. The compacted snow used to form an Igloo actually makes them up to 100-degrees warmer inside compared to the outside temperature.

Learn More Cool Science Facts At A Mad Science Event!

Snow is for the little kids and the big kids – and so are the science-related facts behind it. If you want your little ones to get interested in the science behind cool facts like these, then why not send them to a Mad Science event? We run a host of different event types which are fun and aim to harbor their learning and a thirst for knowledge.

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